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  • What is bagasse packaging made from?
    Bagasse packaging is made from the natural fibres of sugarcane; a by product of the sugar manufacturing process.
  • Can bagasse packaging be used for hot food?
    Yes, bagasse packaging is microwave-safe and can be used for hot food items. However, it is recommended to avoid exposing it to extremely high temperatures for long periods.
  • Are bagasse containers safe for food?
    Yes, bagasse packaging is safe food use as it is free from harmful chemicals and toxins.
  • What environmental impact does bagasse have?
    Bagasse is a sustainable alternative to plastic. Bagasse is made from renewable resources and is biodegradable. This makes the environmental impact low.
  • Can my branding be used on packaging?
    Yes, bagasse packaging can be customised with branding, such as logos and designs. it is important to discuss your requirements when ordering with us.
  • Is bagasse recyclable?
    Whilst it is not possible to place bagasse in roadside recycling bins. It is compostable through specialised processes. Check with your local borough to find out more.
  • How can I dispose of bagasse after use?
    Bagasse can be composted or disposed in regular waste. However, composting is the preferred option as it allows the packing to breakdown naturally.
  • How long does bagasse take to decompose?
    Bagasse packaging takes approximately 90 days to decompose.
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